Engaging social media to benefit your business

Social Media

If you have a business, you should also have social media. We can help you reach new audiences, build brand awareness and get potential customers talking about your product.

Simply having a presence on social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook is not enough. You need to be permanently active, responsive and engaging in all of your social media activity as it is the only way your business will benefit.

Paskett PR’s services include: social media account creation and management; content creation, including blog posts; spotting emerging trends; and spreading the word to key figures in the industry.

Social Media
We have designed a choice of social media packages (garden-themed, naturally) to suit your needs. Alternatively, we will be happy to create a bespoke package for you or, if you would like our advice, we can come up with some ideas that we think would work best for your business.

The Plant Pot

  • 1 Bluebell each month
  • 4 Tulips each week
  • 3 Foxgloves each week
  • 1 Iris each week
  • A Crocus
  • A weekly Marigold
  • An Amaryllis*

The Raised Bed

  • 2 Bluebells each month
  • 7 Tulips each week
  • 4 Foxgloves each week
  • 2 Irises each week
  • 1 Poppy each week
  • A Crocus
  • Two weekly Marigolds
  • An Amaryllis*

The Wildflower Meadow

  • 2 Bluebells each month
  • 10 Tulips each week
  • 5 Foxgloves each week
  • 3 Irises each week
  • 1 Poppy each week
  • A Crocus
  • Daily Marigolds
  • An Amaryllis*

Alternatively create your very own Bespoke Bouquet by hand-picking the flowers that you require. Choose your pick of the bunch from…

  • Bluebells: Blog posts
  • Foxglove: Facebook posts
  • Irises: Instagram posts
  • Poppies: Pinterest posts
  • Tulips: Tweets
  • Lilac: LinkedIn posts
  • Amaryllises*: Advertising
  • Crocuses: Creating profiles
  • Marigolds: Monitoring and responding

*The Amaryllis covers the setting up of the social media targeted advertising and monitoring; the cost of the advertising is additional.


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