We have designed a choice of social media packages (garden-themed, naturally) to suit your needs. Alternatively, we will be happy to create a bespoke package for you or, if you would like our advice, we can come up with some ideas that we think would work best for your business.

The Plant Pot

1 Bluebell each month
4 Tulips each week
3 Foxgloves each week
1 Iris each week
A Crocus
A weekly Marigold
An Amaryllis*

The Raised Bed

2 Bluebells each month
7 Tulips each week
4 Foxgloves each week
2 Irises each week
1 Poppy each week
A Crocus
Two weekly Marigolds
An Amaryllis*

The Wildflower Meadow

2 Bluebells each month
10 Tulips each week
5 Foxgloves each week
3 Irises each week
1 Poppy each week
A Crocus
Daily Marigolds
An Amaryllis*

Alternatively create your very own Bespoke Bouquet by hand-picking the flowers that you require. Choose your pick of the bunch from…

    Bluebells: Blog posts
    Foxglove: Facebook posts
    Irises: Instagram posts
    Poppies: Pinterest posts
    Tulips: Tweets
    Lilac: LinkedIn posts
    Amaryllises*: Advertising
    Crocuses: Creating profiles
    Marigolds: Monitoring and responding

*The Amaryllis covers the setting up of the social media targeted advertising and monitoring; the cost of the advertising is additional.