Why Product Reviews are Important

The importance of great product reviews is simple – people trust the opinions of others more than they trust advertising when choosing which product to buy.

With the majority of our clients in the gardening industry, with practical products such as lawnmowers, sheds and tools, that may require some assembly, maintenance, or may be completely unfamiliar to beginner gardeners, we are strong believers in securing as many product reviews as we can. It helps potential customers know exactly what they’re buying, how it works and importantly, how well it works.

Our clients know it is a worthwhile investment to send journalists products to test for themselves, and then write about it in their publications. We secure honest product reviews for our clients which are then published online and in print.

We also work closely with a large number of gardening, lifestyle and family-focussed influencers and bloggers, who carry out product reviews for us. Many of these bloggers have tens of thousands of followers, all of whom are the prime target audiences for our clients. These followers trust bloggers and see them as the “font of all knowledge” so a review from them truly is a glowing endorsement that can have a noticeable impact upon the sales of a product.

It doesn’t have to be a product review, either. Thanks to the nature of gardening products, many of them are only truly put to the test over a period of time. We’ve set up various trials with different bloggers to report on their experience using the product initially, and how, over time, they have found the product performs. All of this provides the bloggers with great, original content for their blog, which encourages comments and engagement from their audience, and provides us with more valuable coverage for our clients.

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