Social Media is Very Good for Business

The recent wave of international bad publicity for the various social media platforms should not deter the business community from taking advantage of this exciting and constantly evolving tool. Well managed and responsibly created social media content is a positive communication in its own right and also forges strong links to other public relations and communications channels.

At Paskett Public Relations we provide both stand-alone social media support for clients as well as campaigns that are fully integrated into broader PR and marketing activity. Consumers and journalists alike view social media as an essential port of call when investigating brands, products and current affairs. Absence from this platform could result in lower sales than otherwise possible – the same is true for media coverage – if your company does not have a presence on social media then you are unable to fully share positive stories about your brand.


Managing social media campaigns is time consuming.  Someone must be monitoring activity on a daily basis. This is where our specialist support pays dividends. In many cases supporting the social media output is simply an additional task for an already over-burdened marketing executive.

It can present challenges for businesses, but the opportunities provided by an effective social media strategy, spanning all the appropriate platforms, is key to enhancing brand reputation and value.  It is one of the marketing activities that has a direct influence on sales.

Here are our top five tips to boost the performance of social media activity:

  1. Identify the target audiences you wish to reach. The various platforms are used by specific groups of people of differing ages and interests;
  2. Make your content engaging and relevant to the audience. Put yourself in their shoes; would you be interested in that message?
  3. Take time to talk to people. Share and respond to comments, engage in conversations relevant to your product/business;
  4. Original content is vital; quality photography, videos, blogs and campaigns all contribute to your audience’s experience of your brand, whether they are a potential or existing customer and help boost your position in search results too;
  5. Remember, social media is not a vehicle for over-zealous sales pitches and should be about quality content and conversation.

For further information about Paskett PR, or to discuss how social media can help your business, please contact or call the office on 01332 258 335.

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