Pots and panics

Pots and panics                                                           

Strangely, I don’t mind washing up dishes and saucepans etc. I find it quite rewarding.

There is very little pleasure, however, in washing up very dirty plastic flower pots. I am now completing my planting out and have accumulated almost one hundred very mucky 3” pots.  My wife could not believe her eyes when she came into the walled garden to see me sitting on a low stone wall with a huge bucket of hot soapy water in front of me and an accumulation of clean pots drying out on the wall.

A necessary evil

Tedious and boring though this task is, it really is very necessary. One has no idea of what bugs and germs are living in the accumulations of old compost and rubbish left in side and outside the pots.

Anyway, I felt very virtuous when I stacked the lovely clean pots back in the potting shed for use at some time in the future. So, although there is little pleasure there is some reward.



The worried gardener

I am, however, a worried gardener.  The germination rate of seeds this year was tremendous and I had literally hundreds of plants to prick out and grow on.

But it has been so hot in the greenhouse that they were not progressing. I put as many outside as could be accommodated but on the evening of May 15, I took the risk and started planting brassicas, leek, spinach, beet and chard outside in the vegetable cage.

The reason I’m worried is late frosts, and I still have the runner beans to plant out yet and the squash and courgettes.

Weather beaten?

I have become an avid watcher of the weather on my iPhone to check lowest overnight temperatures. So far it says I’m safe until May 28 and should be OK after that. But it will remain a concern and cause for grumpiness until we are well into June.

We used to live more than 1,000 feet up in the Staffordshire Peak District National Park and I remember well one awful overnight frost on June 12!!

Anyway, having got that off my chest, I’ll go into the kitchen and enjoy washing up the lunch things.

Happy gardening!